Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Our core expertise lies in estimating impacts from data-rich offerings such as behavioral conservation, demand response, and time-varying pricing. The proliferation of advanced metering has created a wide range of new opportunities and Demand Side Analytics can help leverage the AMI investment to test and measure the effectiveness of new strategies.

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Load Research and Forecasting

Understanding end-use and premise load characteristics is a critical component of system planning, rate design, and time-differentiated energy savings. With the rapid growth of solar photovoltaic and distributed energy resources, utility investments and conservation efforts are increasingly focused on managing peak loads on the transmission and distribution system. Understanding how loads and DSM load impacts align with peaking conditions is a key part of properly valuing resources and comparing options.

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Customer Segmentation and Targeting

All customers are not created equally. Understanding the differences in technical potential, economic perspectives, and attitudes towards resource conservation across business types, geographic areas, and demographics are keys to effective program delivery. Demand Side Analytics works with clients to look beyond the average customer and target the solution and messaging to customers to maximize marketing dollars and uptake.

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Our Mission

Demand Side Analytics was formed in 2016 to help utilities and regulatory agencies navigate the technical, economic, and policy challenges of building a smarter and cleaner energy future. Through cutting edge research design and analysis methods we provide DSM program administrators with data-driven insights into how various technologies and interventions affect the way homes and businesses use energy.